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Chicken Stages
Photographic documentation
of four breeds as they progress from day old chicks to adult laying hens.
Gallery2 Dominique Chickens
Dominique Pullets
Week Five and Beyond

Five Weeks Old
Nearly featherd out, except for the small amount of downy fluff on their necks
Shown here with their two australorp chick mates

Above: Seven Weeks Old
They moveing outside to their permemnent home.
This was their first introduction to the coop house and they were placed inside through the rear, clean out door, and allowed to find their own way out to the run

Another shot at Week Fourteen

Six Weeks Old
They are ready to go outside.

These girls made a relativly slow transition, spending a week outside during the day, then back in the brooder at night

Fourteen Weeks Old
They continue to grow, their combs and wattles redden.

At around 17 weeks old their combs and wattles grow dramatically, as they prepare to start laying eggs.
Below: At 26 Weeks Old
most breeds will be laying.
The Dominique in the forground as well as the Australops Started to Lay between 20 and 24 Weeks.
The Dominique in the background did not start to lay until she was nearly a year old.

This Hen Has normal, female spur bumps and a typical, female, Dominique Rose Comb.
This Hen exhibits rooster traits, having a large comb and pronounced spurs. Desite her apperance, she is a good layer.
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Photo's and general information on care, housing, coop design, feed and more.
Photographic illustrations of Chicken development of large breeds, including : Dominique's, Wyandotte's, Australorp's and Easter Egg Chickens, Can be found in the
Photo Gallery, and in the Esther Winnie Archive

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