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#11 04-06-2008 06:13:56

Double Platinum
From: new hampshire
Registered: 03-18-2008
Posts: 2719

Re: Is the U.S. going into a depression?

i am in a depression,,,,and they have a pill that can take care of that,,,,lol
i am not sure technically what you call it,,,but ,,,,i guess i for one should be ashamed about crying over having to give up the fun things we do just so we can have the things we need just to get by,,,like food, elec, heat, gas,

and then there are the sickeningly rich,,,,who drop thousands on a purse,,,lol

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#12 04-06-2008 06:15:16

Gold Member
From: Illinois
Registered: 02-02-2008
Posts: 583

Re: Is the U.S. going into a depression?

We are not going to have a depression as was had in the 20's. What we are having is class separation. I can remember in the 1950's a man could go to work in a factory without any specific skills and earn a reasonable living for his family. These people were called the "middle class", not rich and not poor but comfortable. Since the 70's this type of life has slowly evaporated. We have a lot of very rich people in this country, I see half a million dollar houses all over the country side. Here in rural Illinois I'm not talking about a 3 bedroom ranch. These houses are two story brick, 4 bedroom each with their own bath, every imaginable appliance in the kitchen type homes. On the flip side there are people living in absolute squaller; heating their tiny non insulated home with space heaters. Both these types of home always existed, but back in the day most of our population lived the middle class life. Today that middle class is shrinking. In todays economy the largest sector either makes 150k or 10 an hour. Its actually worse than a depression, because you can work your way out of a depression, but once the middle class is gone its rich against poor.

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#13 04-06-2008 06:20:28

Double Platinum
From: new hampshire
Registered: 03-18-2008
Posts: 2719

Re: Is the U.S. going into a depression?

they are called mc mansions here

and a perfect explanation there repoBOB... big_smile

Last edited by chickn (04-06-2008 06:22:06)

frizzled polish and polish, sizzles and silkies, std cochins, mille d'uccles,
always interested in trading eggs



#14 04-06-2008 09:10:15

Gold Member
Registered: 02-01-2008
Posts: 875

Re: Is the U.S. going into a depression?

The main reasons I hate aposts like this is because they are too complex and misunderstood
to be accurately discussed in a forum.  They also indicate fear in the person asking it and
tend to spread fear in others.  While Whitehall and many others may ask "do you think the
U.S. is headed for a Depression AGAIN?" others may ask "what do you think the next
economic driver may be?" or even "when will our economy be back in growth?".  There
is nothing wrong with asking this question and WHG has every right to ask it.

I know some people who always believe we have a bad economy, no matter what the numbers
say.  The media is constantly bombarding the public with 30 second snips of negative
information I'm surprised more people don't jump off buildings.

2dream, to respond to your post WHG stated "depression again" which says to me she is
refering to the Great Depression.  "a period of low general economic activity marked
especially by rising levels of unemployment" doesn't come close to describing that.  Volumes
have been written on the Great Depression by people a lot smarter than I.  We are most
likely, not definately, in an economic recession since our economy's growth has reduced.
Our economy is not shrinking it just isn't growing as fast. 

If you owned an ice cream store and in 2005 has gross(total) sales of $200,000 and then
in 2006 had gross sales of $250,000 that is economic growth.  Then in 2007 you had
sales of $260,000 it would be "reduced economic growth".  See how that works?
This, of course, is a ridiculous simplification on my part.   

Repobob brings up a good point about class seperation.  This is a huge issue but, like he
said, isn't a depression.  It is however, very depressing to the poor folk trying to feed
thier families and heat their houses. 

Queen and other bring up the rising fuel costs and how the general inflation rate of 4%
is hard to keep up with.  Yeah these are hard to deal with and people are coming up with
positive ways to combat them.  Recycing, producing some of your own food, and conserving
are all ways to help our families.

What's next?  I wish I knew.  This is an election year which always causes havoc to the economy
and fuel prices.

May A Chicken Smile Upon You



#15 04-07-2008 01:51:46

From: BFE ...VA
Registered: 02-24-2008
Posts: 398

Re: Is the U.S. going into a depression?

I dont think we are ina depression but we are starting to hit on hard times for alot of people in this country. Mainly the working class, such as those making 50 thousand and less a year. With gas going up, food costs are going to start to go up with it. And shortages are very possible if it gets bad enough. The farmers are suffering ,causing them to have to raise the price of their crops, inturn it will cost us more. And if they dont get enough for their crops to justify growing them, what next. ???

It bothers me to see people going to the food bank with new cars, and nice clothes, and the pople working there are driving older cars in working clothes that are worn. Whats wrong with this picture. The middle class is becoming extinct, and its not getting better.... Only time will tell how this will all play out, but im stocking up now just in case.These are just my thoughts......

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#16 04-07-2008 02:13:20

Silver Member
From: Waxahachie, TEXAS
Registered: 02-04-2008
Posts: 317

Re: Is the U.S. going into a depression?

Depression? Who's depressed? I'm not, I'm happy! :bfs

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#17 04-07-2008 06:45:11

Platinum Member
From: Th3 $unshin3 State
Registered: 12-25-2007
Posts: 1408

Re: Is the U.S. going into a depression?

our retarted dogs killed  a chick today  sad3

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