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#1 04-07-2008 02:38:24

From: BFE ...VA
Registered: 02-24-2008
Posts: 398

composting for the garden

How many people use a composter? And what do you put in yours.
We put fruit scraps, veg scraps, coffee girnds and i cut open tea bags and empty them in. grass clippings, multched leaves, fireplace ash, chicken litter of course. just no dairy, or meat.

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#2 04-08-2008 04:32:45

Registered: 12-11-2007
Posts: 83

Re: composting for the garden

I dont have a compost pile...well...not really. There is a pile behind the shop...where we throw all the extra clippings and some chicken "stuff" But mostly the llitter from the coops go on the garden along with the ash from the wood stove. I tried the compost pile thing. Guess you have to tend to it more than I have the time. I cant seem to get mine turned...watered..turned...LOL
It never "steams" and I dont think its warm inside like I see others. Keeps the chickens busy tho!



#3 04-08-2008 06:09:37

Gold Member
From: Illinois
Registered: 02-02-2008
Posts: 583

Re: composting for the garden

I have a compost pile similar to the one justusnak has. I just pile all the chicken waste, food waste, and whatever else I have organic on this pile. I really don't turn the pile, just sort of layer it. Whenever I put new stuff on the top I cover it with the old stuff. Seems to work pretty good; not real fast but it does the job. I also sink a pipe in it every month or so and rotate it in a circle to make kind of a cone shaped hole to the bottom. I do this in a few places. An old farmer told me to do this, he says it allow the air to get in there and that helps the process. When I need some compost I just shovel what I need into my sieve; what falls through goes and what doesn't gets put back on the pile. I also make sure the pile never totally dries out. Its always damp in the middle, not so damp it wet but just enough so that if I reach in and grab some and squeeze it will hold together in a ball but not drip any water.

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#4 04-09-2008 04:30:36

Gold Member
From: Northern Michigan
Registered: 03-12-2008
Posts: 873

Re: composting for the garden

I toss everything allowable on the compost heap.  I wet it down when I remember, I turn it once in a while and the chickens dig thru it everyday looking for grubs, worms, and

It's a slow process but it works more or less.  I'm thinking with all the chicken poo added this year it should take it up a notch or two..... heat wise.

Julie big_smile

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#5 06-15-2008 07:30:32

Silver Member
From: Madison, AL
Registered: 03-06-2008
Posts: 109

Re: composting for the garden

I just want some measurements of monkeys composter



#6 06-15-2008 07:44:42

Gold Member
Registered: 03-16-2008
Posts: 567

Re: composting for the garden

hide  I just want Monkey's composter!!!  hide  That was the neatest composter I have ever seen. And that tumbler idea is a neat one. I am going to start hunting for a big barrel tomorrow!

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