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#21 05-07-2008 07:38:48

Platinum Member
From: spring hill, Florida
Registered: 02-10-2008
Posts: 1613

Re: Kindacrochety's Favorite Meal - Cat Recipe

I read that recipe to a few more nurses at work last night,  they told me if I didn't shut up, they were going to Baker Act me. 
   They also said it was illegal to cook cats or dogs in the US for eating.  I said there may be a law against selling dog or cat meat, but I don't know of anything that's illegal to eat.

I was going to be good, but I got bored



#22 05-07-2008 07:53:41

Silver Member
From: OKC
Registered: 12-08-2007
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Re: Kindacrochety's Favorite Meal - Cat Recipe

PurpleChicken wrote:

Henny Penny wrote:

PC if you were on that other site, you would have riled many feathers, fortunately it seems that all here take your sense of humor as just that " A sick sense of humor!!!" I love my cats, even though one is a total pig, so the subject would make some feel you are one hurting puppy! What exactly is that picture of anyways?

Yeah, even people that knew it was a joke would be ofended over there.  Maybe that's why I'm over here.

I don't know what that pic is exactly.  It must be a joke since he actually isn't slicing it.

In all seriousness though I would like to see a real cooked cat or dog.  Meat is meat.  Pigs are brilliant
animals but very few people care about them being eaten.

I am thinking YOU PC, are neither HERE nor THERE completely  coolani
I hestitate EVERY TIME I go to read one of your aposts......... big_smile
I too wonder why we eat pig,cow and turkeys,its all meat, I am not a big meat eater, just dont need it. But all animals are meat and other countries would never eat cow,pig,turkey like we do,but they will eat a cat or dog in a minute.........all in the for one, I am glad I am nutso..... and you are too PC, where do you all find those ghastly pics? nevermind, I DO NOT want to know hide

Blessed Assurance , Jesus Is Mine, Oh What a Foretaste of Glory Divine


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