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#51 02-12-2008 12:38:10


Re: Should Immigrants Have to Learn English?

I learned American Sign Language as well and I think THAT is a language worth learning. We do have Deaf Americans.

Me too, I had a friend that was deaf and we had a great time signing, no one knew what we were saying.

Anyway, I was married to a foreign man and he also agreed tha if you intend to live in a country, wheever that country may be, you should speak their language.

Why do we have to Press 1 to continue in English, can anyone tll me that?

It is obvious I am not prejudice, but we are in America.  There are many people with all kinds of languages, are we going to have to have 25 or more signs for each language because they do not learn English.  Picture the rest rooms.


Well you get the idea right? I too knew enough Spanish to visit Mexico and had a wonderful time.

On the other side of the coin, if you ever visited a third world country and saw the conditions you can understand why they come here without the knowledge, but once they are here they should learn.

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#52 02-12-2008 02:55:40

Silver Member
From: Waxahachie, TEXAS
Registered: 02-04-2008
Posts: 317

Re: Should Immigrants Have to Learn English?


Homey don't play dat!



#53 02-12-2008 03:19:01

Platinum Member
From: NE Ohio
Registered: 02-11-2008
Posts: 1231

Re: Should Immigrants Have to Learn English?

To the restroom list add
So my mother in law can find the restroom LOL
(kidding... but it was the first two letters I learned to look for when I was in Poland!)

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#54 02-29-2008 07:46:25

From: BFE ...VA
Registered: 02-24-2008
Posts: 398

Re: Should Immigrants Have to Learn English?

Hell yes they should have to learn english, and pay taxes too! Im soooo sick of the Illegals coming here and getting all the breaks. They shouldnt be allowed to be here reguardless. I served for a good while, defending this country, not for this crap to allowed to go on. All the wasted money spent on printing alone would help ALOT of our elderly, with their meds. The people who have lived here and paid taxes all those years and now their goverment says sorry we cant help YOU . But we can help people who dont even belong here. Turns my stomach.
If they really want to control the borders, bring our men and women back home and put them on border patrol with unresticted fire..........

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#55 03-03-2008 05:42:47

Registered: 03-02-2008
Posts: 1383

Re: Should Immigrants Have to Learn English?

ABSOLUTELY they should have to speak English.  The $$$ that the US is spending on printing Spanish is ridiculous.  If you're going to live here and enjoy what the US has to offer, learn the language, PERIOD.



#56 03-03-2008 06:21:52

Thread Killer
From: northeast TN
Registered: 03-02-2008
Posts: 4044

Re: Should Immigrants Have to Learn English?

Yes, absolutely.  But, at home and with your family it's ok to speak one's native language.

Both of my dad's parents are 100% Greek and they had to learn to speak English.  They spoke Greek at home and my dad didn't begin to learn English until he was 4 years old when he was hospitalized.
I'm so sad that he didn't teach me, he claims he forgot it all.  I think he was embarrassed and teased when he was a kid.  My grandparents lived in another state and I rarely saw them so I didn't get to learn the language or about my heritage.  sad  sad2

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#57 03-03-2008 09:23:28

Silver Member
From: California
Registered: 03-02-2008
Posts: 101

Re: Should Immigrants Have to Learn English?

Yes, I think immigrants that come to America should learn English!! It would be the same if I were to move to another country. It is common sense(at least to me) to learn the native language of where I am going to live and the culture because you become a part of it.



#58 03-04-2008 12:00:15

The Ancient Chicken Sage
From: Fleming, Colorado
Registered: 02-02-2008
Posts: 10117

Re: Should Immigrants Have to Learn English?

Just yesterday I was helping out a customer that was not sure how the credit card machine worked and I assumed he spoke NO English. As I speak Spanish I spoke to him in Spanish and he signaled to his ear which means...."I'm Deaf/Hard of Hearing". I know minimal sign language so I was able to sign to him that I knew ASL but, I was a bit slow at it. He said he didn't care and he was glad I knew ANY of it. After he'd heaved a HUGE sigh of relief, we had an interesting (albeit sluggish) conversation, in ASL.

I can't describe the feeling I had...helping another communicate and becoming part of their culture. Even in part!

I am proud to be Mexican (was born there but lived here most of my life) and I am proud to be AN American for I would not have half the opportunities I have here---there! Yes, I think if you are to live in a country you should make it your responsibility to LEARN to communicate. I also believe that people would benefit from learning another language. Perhaps ASL?

Can you imagine a life where you can't communicate with people unless you write down what you intend to say in YOUR/THEIR language and/or read THEIR lips?

I was amazed and later realized I was being looked at by my coworkers. They later came up to me and asked..."where did you learn that? Can you teach me some?" I know that gentleman left the store relieved that someone was able to communicate with him. It never occurred to me that I HAD to learn English...I wanted to! I wanted to be a part of this great country. My mom instilled this in me. It never occurred to me that signing to this gentleman would mean going out of my way..I knew what it was like.

See, when I learned ASL I didn't just learned the language, I learned the culture. Learning a new language doesn't just help you to communicate with a different group of people it opens your mind.


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#59 03-04-2008 05:21:03

Platinum Member
From: Conroe, TX
Registered: 02-05-2008
Posts: 1024

Re: Should Immigrants Have to Learn English?

That is so cool Pedro - My Dad is a retired Fire Fighter and Born and raised in Texas, but while he was working he took it upon himself to take Spanish and Sign Language classes - he did not become fluent in either language, but he knew enough to talk to people in a crisis situation.  I know he took great pride in knowing that he could at least comfort the families that did not speak English in an emergency. 

My dh use to travel alot in his previous career and swears that he never felt so alone in his whole life until he went to Chile.  He does not speak any Spanish and could not find anyone that spoke English.  He vowed that if we ever vacationed anywhere like that we would have to learn that countries official Language.  He didn't know what food he was ordering, where the bathroom or the hotel was, even the taxi driver had to read the hotel name and address off of a piece of paper.  He was there for 4 weeks and could not wait to get home.

I've said it before, if you are just visiting our country speak whatever language, but if you are living here learn English so you can communicate.

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#60 03-17-2008 09:07:56

Silver Member
From: S.W. PA
Registered: 03-12-2008
Posts: 163

Re: Should Immigrants Have to Learn English?

I believe if you want to come live in this country, you need speak the language. even the thick accents make it hard to understand them sometimes. I also think they need to dress like americans, and not wear the robes and face covers that some do. They left their country for ours.

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