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#71 06-18-2008 10:19:44

Silver Member
From: Woodstock, AL
Registered: 06-03-2008
Posts: 224

Re: Should Immigrants Have to Learn English?

*I read the the question and skipped the rest, sorry*

YES!, and I hate having to press 2 (or 1) for English.



#72 07-24-2008 09:12:37

From: The Quiet Corner Of CT
Registered: 02-20-2008
Posts: 53

Re: Should Immigrants Have to Learn English?

My only experience with this is my friend Marco from El Salvador. He came here seeking political asylum, (the only way is to get in illegally, then ask for asylum). It took him 26 days of walking to get in. He is still in the long process to become a citizen. He LOVES this country, and has learned english very well. He owns his own home, works very hard, and is more of an american to me than some of the ungrateful America haters that were born here. IMO....come to America, LEARN ENGLISH!

On a lighter note.....

Since I never answer my home phone anymore (we use cell phones mostly), I had a little fun with my answering machine. Since I work in the telecommunications industry, I had access to a small voicemail system with an automated attendant. It says, "You have reached the L______ residence. Para continuar en espanole, marque el numero nueve. To speak to or leave a message for D____  press 1, for C______ press2, and for N______ press 3." If you press 9, I say in spanish that the residence you have called only speaks english. Please try your call again in english.  Then it dumps you back to the main menu. My wife thinks it's stupid, but I (and many of my peers) think it's hysterical. It also has a side benefit I found accidentally. When telemarketing robo-calls come in, as soon as the speech recognition software hears spanish, it drops the call, when it used to stay on the line and record its crap in the general mailbox. lafcry

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#73 09-23-2008 05:15:50

Registered: 09-10-2008
Posts: 19

Re: Should Immigrants Have to Learn English?

Hi Broncbuster,

The reason languages are required in high school is because it really is good for you, kinda like spinach.  You talk about diversity, learning another language really covers that area.  I am learning Spanish right now, and am thrilled to be doing so, even though it is really hard.  It really adds value to your life, and given the opportunity, can be helpful to others.



#74 12-07-2008 10:53:43

From: Washington County, Wisconsin
Registered: 11-04-2008
Posts: 34

Re: Should Immigrants Have to Learn English?

my answer...yes smile

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#75 10-11-2009 12:39:51

New member
Registered: 10-11-2009
Posts: 3

Re: Should Immigrants Have to Learn English?

by learing to speak another language, it betters your self and you gain a better education, as for students learning another language, they can make more money when they go into the world, they pay more to people who can speak more than one language:beating



#76 10-11-2009 02:27:48

The Hooker Coordinator
From: Henderson, NC
Registered: 02-23-2008
Posts: 8360

Re: Should Immigrants Have to Learn English?

I think it's a great idea if we know 2 languages, but I don't think we should HAVE to learn spanish to communicate with anyone who comes to a country where English is the dominant language.

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