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#11 05-24-2008 06:57:39

From: BFE ...VA
Registered: 02-24-2008
Posts: 398

Re: Scientology

PurpleChicken wrote:

baldmonkey wrote:

Im with PC on this one. I tried as well to read the book about 9 times, and couldnt get it to stick in my head. Much of what i read seemed to differ from page to page. Maybe i didnt read in to it far enough.? I also think its a very personal thing as well.

Monkey I was thinking how fun it would be for two guys like us to go to a Scientology
seminar together for the fun of it.   Start out with a 12 pack and go from there.

rotflol That would be fun PC You could bring a 12 pack and i could bring a case just in case someone was long winded ofl I would like to learn more about it , just for the sake of learning, might better bring a cooler and 2 cases. rotflol

If at first you dont succeed, stop, sit down, and drink a beer!
Father to many spoiled rotten chickens and 3 spoiled rotten dogs!!



#12 05-25-2008 08:50:26

From: Marin County, CA
Registered: 04-03-2008
Posts: 31

Re: Scientology

Thanks Spotted Crow, I agree huga

We might need something stronger than beer if we're going to try to understand Scientology, you guys! crazy



#13 08-26-2009 07:48:56

Registered: 08-22-2009
Posts: 12

Re: Scientology

Many years ago I went into a scientology place once to look around at their books, and I noticed the workers had a zombie look in their eyes..Of course they wanted me to take a personality test, and for kicks I did in order to see which *materials* they would try to sell me..Of course they *graded* my test and had many suggestions for materials, and of course I told them thanks, but no.. Those people called me long distance SEVERAL times trying to get me to buy something..I never did..However, I read one of the early books that someone had donated to the local library, and in that book it was describing how to, let's say *persuade* people to do as they were told..Had a lot of keeping a body awake for many long hours, and telling them to do stupid things over and over and over until there was no more hesitation in complying. I coudl'nt figure how they would have donated such a book to a public library, because it was more or less giving their methods away..It eventually disappeared from the library..
There are too many gullible people in this world who don't want to be responsible in their own lives, and that is how cults like scientology can take hold and *prosper*..



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