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#1 09-30-2008 06:08:17

Silver Member
From: ask me
Registered: 03-08-2008
Posts: 193

Do ya'll know anyone that.....

Do ya'll know anyone that makes yarn from angora mohair? We just sheared our angora goat for his first time and don't want his mohair to go to waste. Please help me find someone that could use it. He is 5 months old so this was his first shearing and his mohair is very fine. He is white, so dying it should be easy. Let me know!

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#2 09-30-2008 03:27:57

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From: South Cakalaky
Registered: 07-21-2008
Posts: 1633

Re: Do ya'll know anyone that.....

I actually just sold some Angora from a rabbit that I had. I really want to learn to spin, however I don't have the resources ATM to actually do it. I need a wheel. And of coure Kam has me pretty well occupied right now.

You could try posting it on a public yarn/ spinning website/forum.

If you don't get any hits let me know, I can post it over at

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