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#1 02-06-2008 11:56:59

Silver Member
From: Waxahachie, TEXAS
Registered: 02-04-2008
Posts: 317

What Do Y'all Think of Toll Roads?

I'm absolutely fed up with them! They're going in everywhere around here! What are our taxes for? These dang roads take peoples' land and they raise the toll every year. They've made roads that used to be free highways into toll roads. Why should we have to pay to drive down a road on top of taxes? Our forfathers would be turning over in their graves if they knew! What do y'all think?

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#2 02-06-2008 12:20:30

Silver Member
Registered: 12-11-2007
Posts: 200

Re: What Do Y'all Think of Toll Roads?

In San Antonio they've been fighting the 281 tollroad project tooth and nail.  It's been delayed and reworked a few times.  I agree, these roads are already paid for and maintained with the taxes that get collected.  It's like paying for the road twice, if not more than that.

I'm also aggravated at the shoddy work they do on these roads in the first place.  To see a newly paved road fall apart the first time it rains is RIDICULOUS!  Also, seeing fairly new roads being torn up to expand them......  Don't we have a "city planner" who's supposed to look at the road and say, "Yup, this road will accomodate people for at least the next 20-25 years."  What a waste of money!!!!!!!  Roads are not cheap to build.  Why not build them right in the first place?  Grrrrr..... flinch

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#3 02-06-2008 12:51:40

Platinum Member
From: Conroe, TX
Registered: 02-05-2008
Posts: 1024

Re: What Do Y'all Think of Toll Roads?

I'm against them and refuse to drive on them at all costs!

One of the tolls that we have in Houston is the Hardy Toll Rd.  I remember when the Mayor of Houston was pushing the idea on the City - it was stressed that once the tolls paid for the construction of the road they would elminate the tolls completely and then county taxes would pay for the maintenance - based off of usage and $.50 toll fee that they estimated 5 years.  That was almost 20 years ago and at least 3 toll fee increases.  It was just a ploy to get the funding passed, they are never going to do away with the tolls, they claim that it is not used enough.

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#4 02-06-2008 01:39:37

Princess Fluffy Britches
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From: Southern Kentucky Hills
Registered: 02-03-2008
Posts: 2499

Re: What Do Y'all Think of Toll Roads?

I really don't like toll roads. BUT, the only toll we have to pay is in Northern Illinois when we go back home to Minnesota. It is right before you get to Wisconsin, pretty much the border, and I think it costs us a buck each time you go through it, with a regular vehicle-no trailer. That being said, we have tried to see if there is a shorter way from Kentucky to Minnesota, but so far it is far less expensive to pay the toll then it is to reroute our trip to avoid it, being as what the gas prices are. So, during a typical year we spend only $12-14 on tolls, not too bad considering what we are paying in gas to travel. I just wish they would get rid of them because that is money we could use in gas, for food etc while we are traveling.

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#5 02-06-2008 03:09:56

Silver Member
From: NC
Registered: 12-18-2007
Posts: 401

Re: What Do Y'all Think of Toll Roads?

We don't have any.  But I have been on some in other states and they suck!

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#6 02-06-2008 03:44:47

Registered: 02-02-2008
Posts: 56

Re: What Do Y'all Think of Toll Roads?

Taxes should pay for roads. We are taxed to death and they idiots in Washington DC keep spending. Think about pay taxes to the federal goverment, state goverment in most cases, then there are sales taxes, gas tax, car tax, luxury tax, city tax, county tax, and a billion more taxes. Oh, don't forget the biggest revenue generating scam they call speeding tickets.... we have to have toll roads so the fools in Washington can spend money on something else..... :exc

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#7 02-06-2008 06:56:19

Gold Member
From: Illinois
Registered: 02-02-2008
Posts: 583

Re: What Do Y'all Think of Toll Roads?

I grew up in Chicago, and I can remember when they built those roads 45 to 50 years ago  ( darn I'm getting old) when they built them. I was into watching them big machines. They said then the toll would be lifted in 20 years when the bonds were paid off. In chicago the state of illinois just sold one of the toll roads (The SkyWay) to some foreign investors.

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I hated them when they were 25 cents, now they are almost all at least a buck, I don't like them any better. I live 100 miles from chicago, so I don't use them that much (the rest of the state has free roads) but they still are a pain in my butt.

Does anyone know... Are the roads we are not only building, but paying for in Iraq going to be toll or free?

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#8 02-10-2008 09:49:24

New member
From: east Tn
Registered: 02-10-2008
Posts: 8

Re: What Do Y'all Think of Toll Roads?

Broncbuster wrote:

What are our taxes for?

That's what they are suppose to be for! But, they have found out they can spend that money on something else and still make you pay to drive on their toll roads. Here in Tn. most counties are now inacting wheel taxes, passing the bills by using "this is for the schools" slogan and saying it is a temporary tax (3-5 years) until they see how much $$$$$$$$ it generates! Then next thing you know, they are permanent. And now they are saying, we need new schools due to the older one's being outdated. It's like everything else when the government finds a new way to get your never stops!

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