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#21 11-07-2008 08:58:48

The Ancient Chicken Sage
From: Fleming, Colorado
Registered: 02-02-2008
Posts: 10120

Re: Spreading the Wealth Around

chickn wrote:

the woman is illegal and boston is paying her rent because they cant ask her status, am i reading this right? that is freakn crazy.
and she is living off the tax payers and donates money to obama, hello, not only that but he writes about her in his book but her doesnt know her well enough to know she lives in the projects state funded projects and still he takes her money ................what????

not only that the link i put here was a link to the story, then now the link goes to his reply? that is weird

chickn if you read the article he states that he did Nnot know she was living here - illegally. This CAN happen even if he wrote about her on his book. He also continues to state that he believes the proper laws should be followed.

Not once did he excuse her behavior or asked the she do what she felt was best for his presidency.

In fact, any money she donated to his campaign was returned upon the revelation of her status.

I think this was just a ploy to sling mud at him at the last ironic that it comes out JUST 72 hours of his being elected. She was denied asylum what...FOUR YEARS ago? Come on! Sorry, nice try Republicans but, it didn't work though.




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#22 11-07-2008 01:57:07

Double Platinum
From: new hampshire
Registered: 03-18-2008
Posts: 2719

Re: Spreading the Wealth Around

why is the truth a ploy, i just think it is interesting that these things are not important and shouldnt be brought up. thats what is wrong with this country.

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#23 11-07-2008 02:42:32

Platinum Member
From: Mid So TN
Registered: 04-29-2008
Posts: 1974

Re: Spreading the Wealth Around

The things is, why bother? What does it truly affect? Does it fix the problems with the economy? The fact that too many don't have health insurance or do have it but still go bankrupt because of a catastrophic illness? Really, what does it change?

Would it change how you all feel about me because I associated with a bunch of car thieves if I was unaware of their side line? Does it make me a bad person or make me any less reliable or less truthful? I know that I have a sister who is mentally ill and to never leave drugs not locked up around her. I've never turned her in to the cops for her behavior, is that a big enough deal to ignore everything else? Was it the cause of the world's economic crash? The high unemployment? The fact that the rich are still taking money from us?

Its a non starter in the big picture. What about the fat cats that keep getting fatter on our backs? Shouldn't people be more worked up about that then some single woman who did run from a place that was a danger to her life?

Let's deal with the things that affect us personally and leave the things that don't in the dirt.

Robin in Mid S. TN
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#24 11-07-2008 06:41:35

AKA Steve
Web Master
Registered: 11-29-2007
Posts: 4215

Re: Spreading the Wealth Around

Seminolewind wrote:

What do I get for 1000 posts?

You get a title: Platinum Member.
I could start sending people candy bars for every 1000 posts, Just send me a self addressed box and $20.00 for shipping and handling - you can use the dollars people are sending you to pay for the shipping - oh, I take paypal too rotflol

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#25 11-07-2008 08:16:06

Queen of the Lilliputians
Gone fishing
From: Maine
Registered: 02-03-2008
Posts: 3907

Re: Spreading the Wealth Around

I actually don't have a whole lot to say about this.. for once rotflol just a couple of points-

Chickn- I completely understand where you are coming from.  I think it calls into question someone's character, and of course we'll never know if he DID know before that or not.  idk. 

but I agree with Robin wholeheartedly- honestly, this woman has zero effect on me.  I have rather liberal views on immigrants anyway (a post for a different debate thread), but even if I didn't, I'm not seeing where this woman's status affects me in the slightest.

And as for spreading the wealth around... well, for most of us, we don't have any to spread.  You can't squeeze blood out of a rock.  As long as it isn't some Reganomics (let's give to the rich and they'll trickle it down to the poor.. which of course they didn't, because jeez, why not just INVEST it?) I'll just have to sit back and wait to see what happens.

I sorta feel the same way about the "I don't think it's fair to take from the rich, or give them more taxes" that I feel about those commercials with Movie stars for starving children.  PLEASE.  Those stars could donate 1/20th of their income from that commercial, and make a bigger impact than I can with the meager amount I could send.  That's ridiculous- they want to save the children, then pony up and send in THEIR paycheck.  The rest of us are trying hard to keep our own kids OFF those commercials (ok.. a bit dramatic there.. but you get my point)  Someone on another thread said that the rich won't miss it anyway.. I agree.  If you have so much money you don't know what sort of crap to spend it on next, than you won't miss it if the gov't pinches a few thousand.  OTOH the poor sap working at McDonald's not clearing $20K a year.. he'll miss any portion of it you take.  Is that fair?  He already has to make do on what he has, and still somehow pay the rent and daycare. 

And contrary to popular belief- not everyone who is rich started off in the bread line and worked hard to get there.  Many of them inheritated it from their rich parents.  Am I supposed to shed one tear for anyone who's parents sent them to a fancy college, they bummed around Europe for a year to 'find themselves' then finally invested in a company that'll give them oodles of cash but they never have to do one day's work for it?  AH.. no way.

Meghan (sorry.. guess I fibbed.. I went on for longer than I thought..)

Former ruler-wielding nun at a catholic school



#26 11-07-2008 09:46:15

AKA Steve
Web Master
Registered: 11-29-2007
Posts: 4215

Re: Spreading the Wealth Around

In response to your point on immigration.
IMO, there was an active attempt to allow illegal immigration to occur by those in power, in a successful effort to lower the overall rate of pay to the lower and middle classes in this country.
I have nothing against those who immigrate, but I have plenty, against large corporations, companies and governments, who use that to lower their overhead, and undermine the base rate of pay.
I feel the same way about outsourcing jobs to children in china, or other countries; there ought to be a law.

As for obama's aunt, I think that is terrible, and as soon as she runs for president, I am going to be much more vocal with my outrage. hide

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