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#61 08-29-2010 08:51:07

Registered: 04-28-2009
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Re: Orpingtons Post Pictures of Yours (include any information you like)

Korfus Kluckers wrote:

OSUman wrote:

wow your birds are really big and fluffy i need to get some more.

Your right!!! This is what American Orpingtons should look like. jawdrop Let me know if you want some  big_smile

Must resist your beautiful fluffy birds. (at least until i build some more pens)



#62 01-17-2011 01:57:09

New member
From: Eastern Pa
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Re: Orpingtons Post Pictures of Yours (include any information you like)

Not a fan of this breed. We have 6 hens & a roo (the others were butchered). They are supposed to be friendly (they've had human interation since day 1) and our's are far from friendly. We also have Rhode Islands (which are supposed to be territorial) and they are friendly. The buffs are over 30 weeks old and only 1 is laying. Needless to say, once these guys get butchered, we won't be getting anymore.



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